Living in Northern Quebec

Research partnership (SSHRC 2015-2021)

Quebec’s North is home to First Nations and Inuit communities, who are claiming rights to sustainable living environments respectful of their culture and their land. This page presents projects orchestrated by Living in Northern Quebec investigators and partners in collaboration with Innu and Inuit communities, in order to support their planning and housing needs and their world views. 

Source : Living in Northern Quebec (2016)

Nunavik is the land of the Inuit, about 14 000, who reside in 14 Northern Villages established North of the 55th parallel. Nitassinan is the territory where about 20 000 Innus live in 10 communities or reserves, mainly established along the St-Lawrence’s North Shore.

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LINQ partners Blouin Orzes won a 2020 Emerging Voices Award from the Architectural League of New York.

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Issues and challenges of appropriate and meaningful living environments for Inuit communities, Symposium, Inuit Studies Conference, Montreal (QC), Oct.  2019  : presentation audios

Identity, Housing, Settlement and Landscape, Symposium, Inuit Studies Conference, St-Johns (NL), Oct. 2016 : presentation videos


Gregoire, L (2019) Homeland security: North and south meet to talk housing in Nunavik. Nunatsiaq News, 15 October 2019

Official Website :


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Innu Planning Guide (with Innu translation) 

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